HTL has one of the best and, most comprehensive infrastructures for textile dyeing and printing in the Northern Region of India.

We have the capability and infrastructure to Dye and Print:

  • Sheeting and Poplins
  • Cambric, Mulls, Lawns and Voiles
  • Duck Fabrics
  • Rayon Fabrics like Viscose Rayon, High wet Modulo Rayon, High Ten city Rayon, Cup ammonium Rayon.
  • Drills, Twills, Satin and Gabardines
  • Plain, Dobby and Stub dress Martial.
  • Furnishing Fabrics

Printing Machines:

  • 2 STORMAC RD-IV –12-color top of the line rotary printing machine with a printable width up to 72”
  • 1 Semi Automatic flatbed printing machine 8 colors up to 48” printable width.
  • 3 Printing table –40 mtrs each up to 60” printable width.

Dyeing Machine:

  • Soft flow(500 kg) – 3 machines
  • Jet Dyeing Machines
  • Normal and Jumbo Jiggers
  • CP Dyeing Machine to dye bulk fabrics of around 35000 yards.
  • Auto Maxi
  • Winches
  • Big Jiggers and Maxi Jigger
  • FONGS ‘s soft flow atmospheric dyeing machine fully import from Japan


  • 2 Continuous Mercedizing machine
  • JT 10
  • Drying Range

Other Machines:

  • Zero-Zero / Sanfariosing
  • Coding / Polymerizes
  • Loop Azer
  • Print Washer
  • 2 Hot air five chamber closed stenter with max processing width of 82”

Fir knitted fabric printing we have:

  • Gumming and slitting machine to slit tabular knitted fabric for printing
  • Compact machine for special finish


The unit has also special finishes for the fabric, some of the Finishes are: -

  • Silky
  • Satin Resistance
  • Water Repellent Finish (Scotch Ground)
  • Crease Resistance
  • Fire Retardant
  • Nuva guard